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**UPDATED 03/30/14**
As of Monday, Feb 10th, 2014 Gary's Handyman Service will be BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.
I will NOT be available during the day.  Emails will be returned after standard business hours.
Please do not leave me a voice message.  
The Good News:
1) Gary's Handyman Service will be operating by appointment only, working strictly evenings and weekend.  While this may be inconvenient for some, others may find this best suits their work schedule.
2) Gary will be present at all jobs performing the work himself.
The Bad News:
1) Any calls made to us at 847-800-GARY will direct you right back here, to this website.  Email will be the primary way to contact me.  Voicemails will be checked sparingly, if at all.  This means, most "rush" jobs will not be able to be scheduled with us.  (Sorry!)  
2) Since we are now a one man operation, availability may become more limited.
This will be the permanent arrangement moving forward.
As always, I hope to retain the relationships with my customers that have been established over the last 6 years.  I regret needing to scale back my business, but truely feel that this new situation will be best for myself, and many of my customers moving forward.
I appreciate your business, and even if I cannot continue with you moving forward, I am always happy to provide referrals for someone who can.