Attic Living – Is It An Option?

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attic conversionHaving an attic is like having a basement; some houses have them and some don’t. Some of these spaces have the potential to be much more while others are meant for nothing more than storage, if that.

That’s why you need the expertise of an attic contractor to determine what your attic could be used for. Is it appropriate for a living space as is?

Or is best left as storage for holiday décor? It’s especially important to be sure this upper level of your home is weather ready if you plan on using it for more than storage since our weather will put this space to the test.

Making New Use of Your Existing Attic Space

Let’s be honest, the attic is nothing more than the dead space created when you have a sloped rooftop and horizontal ceilings. Typically, the attic gets treated with the same amount of attention – make sure it’s insulated and call it a day.

In fact, many attics don’t even have a floor in place, leaving the beams and insulation exposed. Yet, what if you could actually use your attic to maximize its full potential?

  • Know the history. Attics are more prone to issues like ice buildup or water damage. It doesn’t mean you can’t use an attic for living space if it’s suffered past problems but it’s a higher risk. Make sure you’re aware of the possible problems and deal with them, accordingly.
  • Insulation is of the utmost importance for this space even if you’re not turning it into usable living space. However, it’s certainly even more critical if someone will be sleeping there or it will be used as a game room or something similar.
  • Your attic should also be well ventilated. This is required for attics no matter what the designated purpose. It’s important to have air circulation with vents that allow fresh air from outside and exhaust that will allow stale air to escape. Without it, heat and moisture can become trapped. A humid attic is not a good space but it’s even worse if you intend to spend time in this space.
  • You have to also be certain there are no vents from the stove or dryer that empty into the attic. This can add to the heat and humidity. Without a way to accommodate for that, you can have excess heat and moisture and that can result in mold and rot.
  • You’ll also need to take steps to make sure you can still make this a functional space while ensuring it will have proper energy efficiency. Otherwise, it will cost you a small fortune in heating and cooling bills.

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