Energy Saving Renovation and Remodeling Tips

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energy-saving-renovation-and-remodeling-tipsThere are no remodeling experts out there that don’t realize the importance of offering green services. Homeowners aren’t just making wiser choices that help leave a smaller carbon footprint; they’re getting adamant about it.

More homeowners are making the conscious decision to remodel or renovate with Eco-friendliness in mind. That can mean incorporating environmentally responsible practices in building, using greener materials, or implementing greener appliances into their home.

It’s essential to do the right thing and work towards conserving water, electric, and other natural resources. If you’re a homeowner looking for ways to make this possible, here are some tips that can help.

Top 5 Ways to Make Energy-efficient Changes to Your Home

If you’re ready to make significant changes to your home when it comes to your energy efficiency, consider these as starting points.

  • For your electrical work, when it comes to your HVAC, now is the time to switch to a smart or programmable thermostat. This has become the new standard and will save you money. There’s much less wasted energy, and this is good for the environment as well as your wallet.
  • There’s no time like the present to convert to LED lighting. Not only is this better for the environment, it means you won’t be changing bulbs as frequently. Do away with traditional incandescent lighting and opt for the lighting that uses less energy and provides a crisp, clean, consistent light.
  • Look at your current appliances. The most natural time to swap out appliances is when you already have your house being changed around during renovations. If your budget allows new appliances, make sure they’re more energy-efficient ones.
  • It sounds so simple, but it can be quite useful – improve the insulation. Some homeowners are choosing to have just their insulation redone. That means taking out old, possibly wet insulation and replacing it with better quality material. It may mean just adding on to what’s already in place. Either way, make sure you have a sufficient amount of high-quality insulation.
  • Replace those windows. Again, you can do this as part of a remodeling job or as a stand-alone task. Whichever way you go, newer and more energy-efficient windows will make a world of difference.

Getting Professional Assistance That Makes a Difference

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Our strong point is offering advice that can help homeowners change the way they live. Improving energy-efficiency plays a significant role.

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