7 Awesome Jobs Your Handyman Can Do For Every Season

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Chicago Handyman ContractorWith seasonal weather changes, your home can change and shift around. The colder and wetter the climate, like here in Chicago, the more shifting and swelling the home does. The way your windows and doors function will alter because of moisture absorption and seasonal temperature fluctuations that cause the building materials to expand and contract.

There is no getting around this problem because you can’t change the weather. The movement causes door hinges to loosen and many other similar problems. As the seasons change, you’ll need to do a lot of odd jobs around the house.

Being prepared with a great Chicago handyman service will make your season changes practically unnoticeable. Here are some of the odd jobs and other services you should be able to find with a local handyman service.

Doors & Door Frames

Your local handyman can help you keep the door and window frames waterproofed and weatherproofed. While doors and windows may function perfectly well during the summer or warmer seasons, they often have problems during the cold, wetter seasons. The woodwork around the doors and windows of your home can get swollen from moisture and begin to rot, hinges and other hardware around the home can become tighter and corroded with rust.

You don’t want moisture to sit in areas like your door or window frames where it makes the woodwork swell and can cause problems with sticking. This is where gutter cleaning and good door weatherizing comes in as well as any wood sealing.

Power Washing & Exterior Cleaning

During the fall season, you’ve seen a lot of debris dropping from trees and other areas. Acorns, leaves, small tree branches, pine needles, and more clutter up the landscape and gather in areas close to the home’s foundation.

Getting these areas cleaned up after fall season is an important handyman service that you don’t want to do without. Don’t let these composting materials eat away at your home’s siding, roof, or other areas. Cleaning your home’s gutters out will also help to keep your home protected from rotting debris.

Gutter Cleaning & Repair

Removing the debris and clutter from the gutters is vital to keep them operating efficiently. Repairing the guttering system ensures they properly route away rainwater from the home’s siding and foundation.

Your gutters can get damaged due to debris and weather, your exterior can suffer from storm damages and fall debris, your rooftops can get littered with dead tree branches that blow down, and your plumbing can suffer when temperatures drop to freezing overnight.

Painting & Drywall Repairs

A handyman with painting skills can paint the interior or exterior of your home or offer you touch-up services. Keeping the home waterproofed with paint will protect it for all seasons. Whether it’s painting after drywall repair or just painting the new baby’s room, an experienced local handyman will have you covered.

Deck Construction & Repairs

If it’s time to improve the exterior of your property, building a new deck is one of the best options. A skilled carpenter can construct a new deck or help you repair an old one. With a Chicago handyman service like ours at Gary’s Handyman and Bathroom Remodeling, your deck will look amazing.

Plumbing Weatherization For Freezing Weather Prep

Even though we don’t see as many freezing night temperatures as other areas of the country can, we still have enough to need to prepare our plumbing systems from the cold, dampness during our cold season. In the San Jose areas, it’s important for us to have our plumbing wrapped and sealed up tight.

For this cold weather prep, our handyman services can make your life easier by handling your plumbing pipes weatherization for you. We’ll be sure to wrap up your exterior plumbing well to keep it protected during our winter.

Your Reliable Chicago Handyman Service

If your current handyman isn’t living up to their promises or skill level, you may be in the market for contracting with someone else. Or perhaps you haven’t tried a handyman service at all yet.

At Gary’s Home and Bathroom Remodeling, you’ll have a win-win situation when we work for you. You’ll never find sloppy or unfinished work. Our services are professional and our business practices are honest and ethical. We have our customer’s best interests in mind.

If you have questions or would like more information about Handyman Services in Chicago, please call 847-800-4279 or complete our online request form.

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