Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends

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Current Kitchen Remodeling TrendsIs your kitchen feeling cramped, disorganized, and stale? If so, hiring a Chicago remodeling contractor and updating your kitchen to keep up with current trends could give your kitchen the rejuvenation it needs. Kitchen remodeling can do more than transform one of the most used rooms in your home – it can modernize your entire house.

Concrete Details

Homeowners have been installing concrete walls and countertops to add a bit of interest to their kitchens. If you want to partake in this trend, be sure to choose a light-colored concrete to keep the room fresh, and you can even add a subtle texture or pattern to the concrete.

Undercounter And Integrated Appliances

Current trends indicate that homeowners are opting for undercounter storage rather than high wall cabinets. This lack of cabinetry on the walls allows for shelving storage or bare walls with decorative accents. People are installing their bulky appliances, such as refrigerators and microwaves, underneath countertops. This design model appeals to homeowners who desire simplicity and seamless surfaces.

Banquette Seating

Hiring a remodeling contractor to install banquette seating may be just the thing to keep your family in the kitchen during meal times. Banquette seating with interesting details and bench seats on one or two sides of the table is becoming more common, and some homeowners are installing built-in benches and then adding chairs in modern styles. You can accent your dining space with pillows in various sizes, colors, materials, shapes, and patterns, or you can leave the bench seats bare. Next to a balcony, patio, or window is an ideal spot for banquette seating because of the scenic views these places provide.

Quartz Countertops

Update your worn-out countertops with new ones made of quartz. Homeowners are loving quartz countertops because of their durability, longevity, anti-microbial properties, and easy maintenance. Additionally, quartz is not prone to scratches, stains, chips, or burns. Manufacturers provide an array of quartz finishes, colors, and veining, so you’re sure to find a type of quartz that suits your kitchen. Gray, beige, white, and taupe finishes are popular currently.

Dining Area for Your Pets

When remodeling your kitchen, take note of spaces that you can tailor to your pets. When choosing materials for the surfaces in your kitchen, make sure the materials can handle frequent exposure to animals. Incorporating a pet feeding station is also a wise decision. If you are hiring a remodeling contractor to install a kitchen island, consider designing it with a built-in pet bed beneath the countertop.

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