Low-Flow Water Fixtures

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Low-Flow Water FixturesRemember when people laughed at the idea of turning off the water while we brushed our teeth? Today the practice is so common, it seems second nature to most of us. Saving water and using it more efficiently is easier today than it’s ever been, thanks to a wide variety of appliances and Low-Flow Water Fixtures designed to both reduce our overall water consumption while still being able to enjoy plentiful water pressure for all of our needs.


Just a few decades ago, most American toilets used five gallons of water with every single flush. Thankfully, today, modern models are much more efficient and also readily available. Commonly referred to as “low-flow” model toilets are just as efficient as their wasteful ancestors, but rely on only one gallon of water for a compete and reliable flush (just so long as you choose the right one!)


Another way to cut your water bill and barely even notice it is to switch out your old showerhead for a modern Low-Flow Water Fixtures version. For as little as $8.00, you can immediately reduce your water consumption by 50-70%, and with the right models today, you’ll barely notice a difference in water pressure. For advice on choosing a reliable and quality showerhead, call Gary’s Handyman Service today!

Faucets, Water Timers, Dishwashers & So Much More!

The number of “green” products and appliances available to consumers today is staggering. But how do you make sense of all the models available? Gary’s Handyman and Bathroom Remodeling can help with an in-house consultation, working to address your household’s individual needs, while finding a greener way to make your everyday routine work. From advice to installation, Gary’s can help you transform your current home into an energy efficient Green Zone.

If you are looking for low-flow water fixtures in Chicago then please call 847-800-4279 or complete our online request form.

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