Advantages Of Caulking And Weatherstripping

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Advantages Of Caulking And WeatherstrippingOld and cracked caulk, worn weatherstripping and warped frames all result in drafts in your home. These simple air leaks can quickly zap your home’s energy efficiency by 5-30% each year. Ensuring all your windows, doorframes and exterior walls are properly sealed and maintained can save you hundreds of dollars a year, and make your home more energy efficient.

Wondering if it’s time to check your weatherproofing? Try these easy tests and see for yourself if it’s time to call Gary and work on sealing your home. Light a stick of incense, and hold it slowly in front of a variety of “seams” in and around your house. Hold it near places where two different building materials meet, such as corners, around chimneys, where pipes enter or exit along the foundation, etc. Where the smoke wavers, you have air sneaking in, and energy sneaking out. Another version of this is to have a friend use a blow drier from outside windows and frames while you hold a candle inside. If the flame flickers and goes out, it’s time to re-caulk or consider better sealing your window.

Know it’s time to weatherproof your home but worried about the cost? Call Gary’s Handyman Service for a free estimate today. We’ll work with you to find solutions that meet your individual needs and work with your budget. Additionally, low income households can also qualify for up to $6,500 worth of tax credits toward their weatherization improvements, provided they’re done in an energy efficient way.

If you are looking for caulking and weatherstripping in Chicago then please call 847-800-4279 or complete our online request form.

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